A Higher Feeling of Beauty

Shapes turned into emotions gave birth to Ivana Martic’s paintings. It is not about color explosion, it is about controlled emotion, one that calls up for higher feeling of beauty that makes human beings better, happier and gives them sense.

Coloristic value of Ivana Martic’s work could be determined as decorative, joyful, blithe, sophisticated and winsome, but it is not meant for “general consumption”, either for pleasant or brutal reality. Everything in these creations is sophisticated, delicate and aesthetically clear, whether it’s a word about the painting or small stylish composition that builds up to jewellery. In fact, paintings and jewellery are one story, living together, with the same principles of color, form and evoking shapes, but they exist separately. Their purpose (and artist’s intention) is to open to us a better, arranged and perfect world where rules of order and beauty are precisely defined.

In her works triangle, square and circle are not only geometrical abstractions, but they remind us they are a base of all that surrounds us. In Ivana Martic’s paintings those are the motifs that she tells the abstract story with and that story invites the observer to be fulfilled by personal experience and his own sense, to close the circle.

Her aesthetic appropriation and criteria is used by Ivana Martic as editor in chief of Moj stan magazine. There we have delivered the most important motifs and rules of her visual expression and her decision to transfigure ambience forms into paintings.

Ivana Martic’s paintings don’t support frames, because they seek to cut across the depth and infinity, so they cross it’s dimensions and show themselves to the observer as much as his perception allows him to see. Some of us keep paintings in our eyes, some carry them in our souls, and some in our minds. That is the essence of comprehension of beauty of these art pieces.

Emina Ciric, art historian and critic

Photo: Natasa Ristic


Golden Amphoras – Two Hugs, 70×70 cm


Golden Shadows of the Table LampIsolating of the Treasure, 50×40 cm


Floor Standing Lamp and Silver Bells Music The Praises in Salon, 50×35 cm


Swing Seat as a Detail 1, 35×35 cm


Armchair as a Detail 2, 30×30 cm


Pendant as a Detail 3, 35×35 cm


Under Lampshade, Silence, oil on canvas, 70×70 cm


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